At its core, the Piedmont house is a celebration of lifestyle optimization. Situated in the quaint Crestview neighborhood, the home’s small original footprint required significant enhancement with utmost respect for scale. 


Starting with a multi-phase approach that could be implemented at the client’s comfort level, a response was created to their specific living and working needs. To accommodate a dual work-from-home household, both an office space and professional recording studio were integrated. Emphasis was also placed on maximizing efficiency, adding light and ceiling height, and establishing multiple connections to the central courtyard. Ultimately, four times the space was added organically, without disrupting the existing tone of the home.


Practical materials such as raw stucco were used to contrast existing forms, adding dimension and texture to the exterior without overwhelming. When possible, connectivity and natural light were added to open the space without the need for extensive reconfiguration. As one flows through the space, the concepts of cohesion and proportion echo throughout.

Design Team:

Chris Cobb, Charles Di Piazza, Andrew Fulcher

Landscape Architect:

West Shop Design

Structural Engineer:

Green Earth Engineering

General Contractor:

R Builders


Casey Woods