The reinvention of this Central Austin home was guided in equal parts by the family’s busy lifestyle, and by the heritage oak tree that anchors the rear of the property. To make use of the backyard’s privacy, new connections were created from the front exterior alcove, through the common areas, toward the outdoors. Echoing the curvature of the tree, a custom ribbed wall blurs the line between wall, artwork, and fine furniture. Thanks to the sliding panel and inset shelving, this aesthetic element offers additional function for the family of five.


By reconfiguring and adding volume to the kitchen and dining areas, spatial interest was added along with a good amount of soft northern light. The effect is a warm glow that pulls the eye toward the back of the home. Hickory flooring reflects the curved wall and further enhances the pathway to the outdoors. Mid-century sensibilities are embraced throughout.


Simplification was the goal for the backyard living space. The majestic oak was freed from its existing decking to create an uninhibited living area with several access points. Bold color statements were woven through both the interior and exterior of the home in a way that feels integrated and supported by more neutral textures.

Design Team:

Chris Cobb, Charles Di Piazza, Nick Jackson

Structural Engineer:


General Contractor:

Square House Building


Paul Bardagjy